ACM Transactions on Computational Logic Journal Impact Factor 2013

ACM Transactions on Computational Logic

TOCL welcomes submissions related to all aspects of logic as it pertains to topics in computer science. This area has a great tradition in computer science. Several researchers who earned the ACM Turing award have also contributed to this field, namely Edgar Codd (relational database systems), Stephen Cook (complexity of logical theories), Edsger W. Dijkstra, Robert W. Floyd, Tony Hoare, Amir Pnueli, and Dana Scott (program logics, program derivation and verification, programming languages semantics), Robin Milner (interactive theorem proving, concurrency calculi, and functional programming), and John McCarthy (functional programming and logics in AI).

Journal Title : ACM Transactions on Computational Logic
Coverage : 2000 to Present
Print ISSN : 1529-3785
Online ISSN : 1557-945X
Impact Factor 2013 : 0.792
5-Year Impact Factor : 0.852
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