Agro Food Industry Hi-Tech Journal Impact Factor 2013

Agro Food Industry Hi-Tech

Nutraceuticals, healthy food, functional food, cosmeceuticals, “beauty out of inside”: these are the main topics of Agro FOOD INDUSTRY Hi-tech. Nevertheless, all topics follow two different pathways though they remain complementary to each other: the ever increasing request for ingredients able to meet people’s new life and dietary habits as well as the need to provide information on men’s and women’s health problems from early childhood to old age. Agro FOOD INDUSTRY Hi-tech’s inserts deepen both several issues about human health and the answers that the nutritional science and the industry can give. Past inserts: Obesity, Chocolate & Health, Sport Nutrition, Functional Beverages, Infant Nutrition, Elderly Nutrition.

Journal Title : Agro Food Industry Hi-Tech
Coverage : 1992 to Present
Print ISSN : 1722-6996
Online ISSN : 2035-4606
Publisher : Teknoscienze.
Impact Factor 2013 : 0.234
Impact Factor 2014 : Calculating
5-Year Impact Factor : 0.227
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